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Close water laps, medium distant chugging motor. Release choke, return throttle to neutral after ignition. Mercury Outboard Tilt Lift Assist Shock Absorber 55-58780a2. Should I leave my engine up or down? Simply put, if you are leaving the boat in the water, leave it in the up position to avoid growth. By performing this periodic maintenance, you can keep your boat's outboard motor in good working condition. And share with us - we love to hear eyewitness accounts. With it an electric motor powers a hydraulic pump that feeds a ram that lifts or lowers the engine. Revving in neutral also has the bad habit of "zinging" a piston top if there is any slop in the rod bearings. Advance throttle in neutral to 2/3's. It then revs up to around 2000-2500 rpms on it's own and then drops down to an idle and below until it shuts off. If the boat starts to porpoise (the bow bounces up and down), trim the leg in to regain control, and then slowly ease out to re-trim. It can rev up to 1200-RPM or more. Left unchecked inside the cooling passages, saltwater will quickly build up and may cause cooling blockages, leading to overheating and, over time, can corrode an engine from inside out. When it goes in gear it loses almost all power and will eventually die. After the mix runs out, let the engine sit for a couple hours and hook the fuel lines back up and start the engine and run it until it warms up and give the engine some quick throttle snaps to blow out any carbon. The throttle control is a lever that can be pressed forward to increase the speed of the boat. 9 are 4-stroke portable marine engine. Throttle control. Getting a boat to plane well requires the motor trimmed up, stopping and reversing requires the outboard trimmed right down. Be truthful, nice and proactive. A deeper gearcase and a four-blade, high-thrust propeller with matching gear ratio for precise trolling control. Re-install the spark plug, hook up the gas tank, and start the engine in a water tank. 4. On the dyno, peak power was now 174 hp at 5200 rpm, with a torque reading of 212 lb. When the blockage moves or clears, the engine may suddenly rev up in response. Coursing with insightful engineering and industry-first technology such as an electric steering system, it’s revolutionizing offshore boating—and the ownership experience—for yacht-class boaters. This barrel has been used to run motors up to 25hp, but the chore is they are heavy enough that this is usually a 2 person job. What you can do is run the motor, rev to just before the range you have issues and spray carb cleaner (wash and lubricateeverything after) or moisture displacing slicone spray onto the carb/carb base plate/manifold seams. As for Mercury Racing, I’m not sure. Sparking plugs (red): ignite the fuel in the cylinders. This seems normal. Normally, it idles at ~850rpm. Nov 27, 2017 · outboard won’t start when using an external gas tank If your outboard has an external gas tank, there can be a number of problems between it and the motor. winner of the Australasian unlimited outboard title yesterday goes up for the start of the big event. Locked-up motors result from long A 4-stroke Outboards takes longer to warm up, has as a greater reciprocating mass than its 2-stroke equivalent and is far more sensitive to the warm up period being properly completed. The boat comes off plane, and the motor continues to rev high and low, high and low, high and low, until it settles out and begins to run normally again, and the process repeats itself. 35370-zz5-d02 Up . The only misfiring help they could offer was that in their opinion the main misfiring fault was due to duff plugs - they did mention NGK ones are particularly prone to breaking down. Old fuel won't cut it If it starts and goes on to rev ok, even if only temporarily, then there would not appear to be anything wrong with the ignition system or the quality of the fuel or compression or a blocked exhaust. Motor starts fine but it revs up and down constantly no matter what the throttle position is. I have an older Mariner 115 outboard that's got relatively low hours, it's the 6 cylinder so I suspect it's a 1986 or 87. This current online auction is for a 90HP Johnson Outboard Motor Model J90 SLEDR. Don't touch your idle and let the Power Tune bog your motor down but don't let it shut it down. In addition to gaining rpm, you may notice improved acceleration on the low end, and snappier throttle response. Evinrude Outboards are quieter at idle and cruising. You can blow up an engine by neglecting its cooling needs, clog it up by ignoring potential fuel problems, bust it up by letting the lower unit sit over winter with leaky seals. yamaha 115 wont rev past 3000 rpm. I think I need to shorten up the throttle cable just a smidge. Smooth Transition As outboard hotrodders know, it takes top-end revs to add speed, even if the engine is spinning past its power peak. Jan 16, 2007 · If it does get oil in the cylinder, then remove the spark plug and pull it thru until it stops squirting oil out the spark plug hole. If it doesn't, shut off the engine and insert a wire into the flow tube to work out any debris that's stuck inside. . Debris in the water can get stuck in the intake and cause the engine to overheat. Trim needs constant adjustment. You can hook it up to a high quality boat and make it even more stunning or you can attach it to a dingy and look insane. Changes-Engine-Sound-Icon. I drained most of the old fuel out from last year, left about 5 litres in it and topped up with 8 litres of new. Now I'm not a super mechanical type of guy, but I do keep the lower unit oil changed, keep good plugs in it, use stabil when it's down for a while, all that. The cooling water pump turns at the same speed as the powerhead and its flow rate depends on the motor speed. Article continues below… Next, we installed richer main jets in the carburetors. Put the 6hp ultralong shaft 4 stroke Tohatsu on 3 seasons back and have been well pleased. It's also a lot less expensive to put regular than premium which doesn't make a difference in performance. Most are built to run happily on 87 octane. Jul 17, 2011 · Best Answer: Make sure you are using fresh fuel. Idles, and revs up fine with just throttle. Sometimes it'll go back to idling steadily at ~850rpm. trips of rowing my trusty tender up the busy River Hamble to my main boat to the seller seemed to have to rev it excessively to keep it from cutting out. 5. Mar 04, 2020 · For more serious commercial applications, Mercury has the “SeaPro” range running from 15hp to 150hp. Use our guide to research the best outboard motor brand for you. Idles fine in the water but when I give it the gas it bogs down. Now the engine runs great until you put it in gear. Nov 05, 2019 · Engine tilted fully down (this makes it easier for fuel to get to the carburetors). Fuel pump: Sends fuel to the carburetors. I ran to Catalina this past weekend, round trip 80-90 miles and the boat seemed to have ran just fine just when I go to idle back it sounds that the IAC isn't working the engine will rev up and down and then almost shout down, I can switch the engine off and turn back on to correct the issue. Honda outboard in in tickover the exhaust sould come out of the crankcase vent, but when it is reved up should come out of the prop vent. Turn key on, push to choke (or pull out choke) and crank at same time. There are plenty of good reasons these outboards rule the water. ? Hello all! I have a 1978 Johnson 70hp outboard (70EL78C) that seems to be having a bog issue. Tilting Up and Down If the engine will be stopped for some time or if the boat is moored in shallows, the outboard motor should be tilted up to protect the propeller and casing from damaged by collision with obstructions, and also to reduce corrosion. I kept playing with the accelerator jerking from coast to full and eventually got it to go full throttle. The modern outboard engine is a complex thing - not just in terms of technology but also in terms of the variety of approaches adopted. Please keep it clean, turn off CAPS LOCK and don't threaten anyone. Feb 21, 2020 · To maintain an outboard motor, flush out the engine after every use, and check to make sure the water flow exiting the motor has a strong output. Depleted zincs can invite corrosion. Outboard boat motor idling and flushing water through. This is not unique to your Pearson 23. I have a 1998 Force by Mercury, 75hp. We have a 2008 (might be 2009) Tohatsu MFS20 four stroke outboard. Another point to consider, is that outboard engines are typically water-cooled and have a constant flow of fresh coolant which is not recirculated. I get it in the water. Mar 13, 2009 · At the end of the day, both engines power the Stabi at 35+ knot speeds and both troll and cruise very efficiently. Salt and brackish water is a corrosive killer of the aluminum from which outboards are made, so flushing every time after saltwater use is a must. I had similar issues with bogging down when opening the throttle and found the bulb ball was getting stuck when lying horizontal. Technology Learn about the technology across the range . Add that in shallow waters (most lakes) waves stack up (shorter period, higher amplitude). Ran the boat again today again same thing. On the back of the outboard, just below where the cover is, on the thin part of the motor, there is a hole. If your motor has an idle adjustment, turn the control until the engine idles smoothly and doesn't die when you shift into gear. For example, if your outboard is rated for 6000 rpm at full throttle and it only gets to 5200 rpm, dropping two to four inches in pitch should allow the engine to operate near its maximum rpm. I mounted the 9. Apr 06, 2012 · Have a Yamaha 50 pro, outboard 2 stroke. NOTE 1: if the outboard tank is above the attachment point on the engine, fuel will want to gush from the line due to gravity. Johnson Outboard revs fine but bogs. To narrow it down you should do a compression test and check the spark with a fairly wide gap like 1/2" or so. 5hp FourStroke, and includes a 15hp four-stroke “kicker” motor. Repeat the process to lower it. You want to leave the engine in the totally trimmed down position. Just be careful not to be advancing the idle and revving the engine up to 3,000 RPM’s. Design Lab Flush muffs are the most common way to flush an outboard; they're available at most marine stores and online resellers. A robust electrical system with a high-output alternator to keep batteries charged and fishing . Derrick Grover makes a remote throttle and steering control for a small outboard. Check the intake for clogs. The replacement shaft, gears etc is approx 250 !!! not including labour. the outboard can only put out 2. Camshaft (green): Opens and closes cylinder valves that let fuel in and exhaust gas out. Easy to maintain. These motors are capable of anywhere between 2 and 350 horsepower . Locked-up motors result from long If the boat is moored or on a lift, the procedure is similar, but trim the outboard up until the gearcase is out of the water to allow fresh water from the garden hose to flow down through the water inlets on the gearcase. 2017 Mercury 115 HP EFI 4 stroke MERCURY,,Mercury,115 HP EFI 4 stroke,115 HP EFI 4 stroke,Mercury 115 HP 4 stroke outboard motor. Oh Dear III. Other outboard engines in the range start with a 2. It’s an integrated power system. Rarely run at over 3/4 speed, cruse at 1/2 speed, great fuel economy, mush quieter then the 2 stroke, much less exhaust fumes, vibes not bad up to 3/4 speed. It got right up to 4700 5000 and ran good until I throttled down to idle and problem persisted. Bring up a few revs to get 5 or 6 knots and the temp goes to the red zone. yesterday Ifully opened it up and at the highest revs it died. Outboard marine motors can suffer a number of maladies that cause hard-starting or no-start conditions, but they usually turn over via the pull start or electric starter. The air/fuel mixture is disrupted which can cause the engine to jump up and down. You can pick up a tester for around 20-25 bucks if you don't have 1. Boat,Outboard,Ride,Slow,Accel - boat cruises slowly. ” It is light, tough and easy to form in the proper configuration. Joel Automotive In action 41,196 views When your outboard starts right up, keeps running with throttle applied in neutral, but shuts down the moment you come back to idle speed in neutral, the issue is likely to be a sticky or broken AIS (automatic idle speed) valve. Most boaters are guilty of accidentally starting their engine with the prop high and dry, but With the trim set too far down, the bow of the boat plows and creates Virtually all modern motors have over-rev protection that prevents  Luckily there are some common reasons outboard engines act up. An outboard motor is a propulsion system for boats, consisting of a self-contained unit that Small outboard motors, up to 15 horsepower or so are easily portable. Put the motor into gear and go for a short ride; then idle down and readjust. 12 Sep 2018 How a boat is driven greatly determines how long its engine stays healthy. Essentially, what happens is the motor starts and revs up fine but once it gets on plane, the revs intermittently drop about every second or two, making a very lurch-y ride. Remove the outboard engine quick-connect from the outboard fuel hose, and attach the outboard fuel tank line to the engine. Some manufacturers — such as Tohatsu — do recommend midrange fuel, usually 89 octane. All the way up or down took about 20 seconds. This will allow you to rev up the engine for short periods of time while in gear without blowing the water up and out of the barrel, (and all over yourself) as this baffle diverts the prop water back down into the barrel. I went back to idle and tried to get up on plane again and again but this time it took about 40 seconds to get up on plane even full tilt down, like the RPM gets stuck at around 3500 and the boat nosed up about 35 to 40 degrees. Waves lap and wash against stern of 16 foot fiberglass boat with engine off. Hi everyone. Sep 26, 2017 · Ease the leg out by the correct amount and the revs increase slightly without the throttle being adjusted, therefore speed increases. Jul 21, 2018 · The water goes down the leg to the water pump and out the drain holes and through the power head, the motor must be vertical when doing it and left vertical for 5mins to drain afterwards. If you are sucking air, this will briefly block it and the motor will rev up until the sealing spray is sucked through. Showcasing ratio 2 available for purchase now online. -- Neil Arlidge - NB Earnest Oct 06, 2012 · You didn't mention your pressure bulb pump. I can recommend both as being prime examples of "clean" outboard technology. 60hp Yamaha enduro, trailer has rego boat is out of rego. your throttle goes up and down when they go bad it will get worse and start to stall. Start your water then start your motor. AOS04749 Motorboat Water B Outboard motor revs. 9hp are reliable, compact outboard engines. Suzuki was the first manufacturer to tighten that pitch spread, to 1. After boating and with the boat on the trailer, trim your Yamaha outboard all the way down, take the keys out of the ignition, and remove the safety lanyard. about 130 hours on motor and about 10 years old. Fast, reliable starting and controlled throttle response in all weather. If your marine  19 Mar 2018 with a careful strip-down and clean of his outboard motor carburettor. If the boat is moored or on a lift, the procedure is similar, but trim the outboard up until the gearcase is out of the water to allow fresh water from the garden hose to flow down through the water inlets on the gearcase. Apr 18, 2008 · The only difference with running it on dry land with ear muffs and in water is the fact that the leg is submerged and the exhaust gases are having to be pushed down the leg and out through the water. With this motor you could be sailing the high seas in no time and stop wasting time pretending you are a high speed boat man in your bathtub. Squeeze primer bulb till firm. Mar 23, 2020 · If I were to go with a higher pitch prop on this same outboard, it would increase the torque and if the RPM stayed the same, it would create more HP (HP = torque * RPM). Outboard motors pull water from the lake, river or ocean through an intake to keep the engine from overheating. If the bow is down, then there could be water in the tank, but just shifted to the front of the tank, where you couldn’t get to it. The lighter gauge is more easily damaged whereas the heaviest gauge can be a weight problem on midrange power from 50-100 HP. 2. No alarms, no Lights. If this not cure the problem will look to what you suggest a voltage problem and it may be a May 09, 2013 · 2-Stroke Idles, Revs high after a couple minutes, then dies? If have a 1971 Suzuki TS90 2-stroke. outboard runs great but will no go above idle in gear Posted by In idle position it revs up great but when u switch to gear it throttles down and dies or stays Outboard marine motors can suffer a number of maladies that cause hard-starting or no-start conditions, but they usually turn over via the pull start or electric starter. Verado, SeaPro, Pro XS, and FourStroke is their lineup of outboard motors. When this occurs, there’s a constant fluctuation in the amount of fuel that’s pumped to the boat’s carburetors, and as a result, the motor’s RPMs go up and down. These outboard engines are optimised for racking up the hours running at low revs, with the claim they can last up to three times longer than recreational outboard engines. Aug 15, 2006 · Running at full throttle at a thousand revs too low could easily be the cause of overheating on this motor. 3. Any engine put under load before it reaches its optimum operating temperature wears very much faster, but it affects 2-strokes far less. Source(s): outboard motor runs stops pumping fuel line answers help: https://biturl. Mercury ProKicker outboard motors deliver superior torque for greater acceleration control. you can use Saltaway to help dissolve the salt when doing this silent flush Aug 18, 2009 · What makes an outboard boat motor run great and rev up in idle and then bog down and sometimes die when-? It's a 1975 Mercury 85 hp outboard that ran great a Actually, peak power rpm is the engine speed at which the BMEP (which eventually starts going down as rpm continues to go up), multiplied by the rpm, gives the highest results, and therefore the highest horsepower. never rev an outboard past 1500RPM please unless you wan to buy a new one btw Danny down there is buddy's with Robbie Gordon . Hey guys, questions for you outboard wizards regarding low pressure fuel pumps Here's the situation: ran down to the rockpile yesterday (1 YT in boat, 1 released ), boat ran great on the way down. Wholesale Marine carries a huge inventory including the Mercury outboard parts you need. Antonia · 4 years ago. With the motor idling at that level begin to spray the Power Tune into each carb throat. Aug 05, 2013 · Tohatsu 3. Apr 30, 2019 · Mercury Outboard Motors. I notice the gov flap is moving in an out (flapping with the wind from motor) what in the hell is causing my issue? Up an  2 Aug 2018 When your outboard starts right up, keeps running with throttle applied in neutral, but shuts down the moment you come back to idle speed in  16 Sep 2012 If it wasn't for the fact that I can run the engine up though the problem so I can't understand what is causing it to surge up and down. The reed petals in 2 stroke OUTBOARD engines take an incredible amount of abuse! At peak RPM reed petals are opening and closing hundreds of times per second. An outboard motor shifter and throttle control is the unit that controls the amount of throttle or speed of the outboard motor. The entire swap took less than an hour. The only answer was to give it 5 mins fast tickover out of gear to warm up out of gear. If you stop pumping fuel line motor cuts out. We’ll have the Mercury outboard parts you need and offer same day shipping! The fundamental problem you face is that the outboard is out at the end of the boat, on a small boat, and so pitching in a seaway is exacerbated. While the boat is in neutral, I can rev the engine up to 5-6000 Rpm, sounds perfect. Do a quick visual inspection from the tank to the motor and then run your hand along the fuel hose. The pivoting design allows the outboard motor to be swiveled by the operator in almost all directions: Sideways for direction, up and down to change the thrust   Powerful, quiet and reliable, the 115hp outboard motor is ideal for pontoons and Simply push up or down in 50 RPM increments from 650 RPM to 1000 RPM. This makes for slow progress ! So, what am I looking for, please Actually, peak power rpm is the engine speed at which the BMEP (which eventually starts going down as rpm continues to go up), multiplied by the rpm, gives the highest results, and therefore the highest horsepower. Yamaha makes a great outboard and they're tested with neglect to hold up on average use for us. Forums > Catfish Talk > REPAIR HELP > Bubba's Outboards > Why does outboard motor OVER-REV(feels like cavitation but its not) the way down till i get up on plane Engine rpm should decrease about 150 - 200 rpm per inch of pitch with a higher pitch prop (of the same style). It's like the carb is loading up. over-revving, water in fuel, battery condition, and critical engine functions. Buy an outboard tank that has a quick-attach fitting on the tank itself so you can easily remove the entire fuel line from the outboard tank. The Yamaha 150 and 175 Vmax SHOs are too heavy at 480 lbs. Small bits of debris in the cooling water can get lodged between mating surfaces and cause the same condition. If Mercury does that 150 engine in a 175 and 200, the Merc two-strokes will probably end. im/BAMjh. Showcasing 2 mercury mariner outboard here on the internet. Yahama 115 outboard rpm fluctuations Not rated yet I own a Yahama 115 outboard. Slows back to a cruise at end. Motorboat engine running with bubbling water in background. When I began to come off the throttle, the engine started to sputter and die at 3000 RPM. If that hub gets damaged, the engine will rev up when you put it in gear but the boat won't go -- kinda like a slipping clutch in a manual shift car. Sep 17, 2013 · It's an old B16A3 in an '95 manual transmission Honda del Sol. Does the engine cut out or rev up? Sent from my XT1528 using Tapatalk I'm at wits end , we basically have been down since July 8. A propeller with more pitch should bring the outboard’s rpm down to where they should be, improving the engine’s mid-range cruise economy, and if you’re lucky, you could gain a little more top speed – maybe. 187) for motors up to 225 HP. 9 hp and has previously run good. Another possible cause is an air leak in the fuel line. Idle no problem. It started when he found a 1927 Johnson K35 buried under a pile of engines in a shop in Maine. 5 hp max so what actually happens is that the higher pitch prop results in the outboard running at a lower RPM. This could be somewhat long so please bear with me. Cast from aluminium alloy, rather than steel, to keep the weight down and It revs to 4,000rpm but unlike petrol engines, which rev to around  By having a larger cavitation plate & the turned down sides, the Permatrim When cornering, the outboard motor revs up yet the boat stalls and the engine rpm  This is the two stroke outboard motor series developed mainly for commercial use such as on fishing and passenger vessels. Now, sometimes at rest, the engine idles at around 1100rpm but spontaneously fluctuates up to 1250rpm over a couple of seconds, backs down to 1100rpm over a couple seconds, fluctuates up to 1250rpm over a couple of seconds, &c. Engine running, lever in neutral - straight up and the detent is engaged. Over time, a single reed loses its ability to regulate flow rates in proper proportions. So here's my question. Warning, if however like me you rush things and slam it in gear at high revs to stop it stalling eventually you will "mash" the gears and dog clutch. Alex Smith hunts down ten outstanding outboard engines at a variety of price points and outputs. -- Neil Arlidge - NB Earnest The beauty of having an outboard motor is that you can hook it up to pretty much any boat. If your owner’s manual does not have the information you are looking for, you can also talk to a dealer, mechanic, or manufacturer to get the best idea. Then yank the back of the cowling to raise it up. Mercury Marine has been making world-class outboards and sterndrives for more than 75 years and the largest builder of marine propulsion systems in the world. On the sailboat great. In neutral with the cover off, you can rev manually and you can put at full throttle without out any issues, apart from a minor slight bog down before going to high revs. Mounting bracket: Where the motor attaches to the back of the boat and swivels up and down. Browse a comprehensive assortment of 2 Mercury Mariner Outboard and much more available for sale on the internet. Aug 04, 2015 · Saw some weeds cause a 275 HP outboard slow and stall out this past weekend, wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been on the boat at the time. They're inexpensive, and easy to use. 3 2 stroke. If you want to confrim this, rmeove both cables, start the engine without a prop on on the flusher, and change into gear down at the outboard moving the lever and then rev up and see what happens-just make sure the throttle is against its stop when first started. Boat Parts and More Good prices for Ratio 2. 35370-zz5-d02 Up And Down Lift Power Trim Tilt Switch For Honda Remote Control. Jan 30, 2009 · motor is a Johnson 9. This causes a loss of reed petal reaction and reduces the consistency of peak horsepower. 7 Dec 2018 The dream of a powerful but refined diesel outboard engine is about to become a reality. When I put it in gear, there is hardly enough power to get on pla Adjusting Power Trim Settings to Plane an Outboard Motor In this video I go through the basics of trimming an outboard to make a boat both plane an maneuver well on the water. After that run is when I changed hose and tank. Crank it up to 20 knots + and the temp drops to 150F and all is well. Will run for about 3 minutes before you have to pump again or it will stop. Each increment on the Enertia props is good for 150 to 200 rpm, so WOT rpm can really be fine-tuned. Despite these adversities, hop-up artists have found ways to extract more speed from this compact V-6. Worth a try if you haven't tried that as a solution, Good luck, JP Answer: There is little you need to do to maintain an outboard motor — but what is still needed is vitally important. The three most popular types are two-stroke engines, four Motor Boat with outboard motor starting, driving away fast - onboard. It started developing issues symptomatic of a gummed up carburetor - without touching the throttle it revs up and down; when it's on the downward rev you have to increase throttle to keep it from stalling; stalls fairly quickly if you don't touch the throttle. outboard runs great but will no go above idle in gear Posted by In idle position it revs up great but when u switch to gear it throttles down and dies or stays All outboards (particularly four-strokes) only develop full power when the revs are well within the manufacturer's recommended WOT range, usually 4500 to 5500 revs for two-strokes and 5000 to 6000 revs for four-strokes. But the truth is high-octane fuel — usually 92 or 93 octane — is a waste of money for the majority of outboards. 6L V8 425 hp XTO Offshore is more than an outboard. For outboard jets, the bottom thickness can range from 1/16” (. The new V8 Verado only goes up to 300 HP, and the big announcement in Miami was a toned down version of the Mercury Racing 2. 17 people found this helpful. Buddy of mine drove down to OH to pick up an outboardgot down there and found out it had a dead cylindertester just paid for itself 20x over! OutdoorHub Mobile, the information engine of the outdoors Aug 03, 2008 · Outboard won't exceed 2000 RPM under load I have an older Mariner 115 outboard that's got relatively low hours, it's the 6 cylinder so I suspect it's a 1986 or 87. Mercury fourstrokes feature large displacement which increases torque for inproved performance and efficiency. Re: "Clunk" from outboard I used to get a severe clunk every now & then, it went on for quite a few trips until one day one of those pesky needle rollers got caught in a port & locked it up solid. It should jump about a 1/2" gap with a strong blue spark on all four cylinders. Just in case the main engine fails, we keep a 2. Aug 25, 2009 · A prop with thru-hub exhaust won't have a shear pin -- it'll have a rubber inner hub pressed in, designed to protect the drive train from the shock of shifting into gear, and impact with the lake bed. Sounds good. Raise the fast idle lever until you are idling at about 1200-1400 rpm. May 13, 2012 · Plug the fuel line with a bolt, etc. One of the more serious problems involves a freeze-up or locked position when the motor refuses to turn at all. 00. Aug 18, 2009 · What makes an outboard boat motor run great and rev up in idle and then bog down and sometimes die when-? ( that's not particular ) to work  30 Oct 2019 We surveyed a group of respected boat mechanics to come up with the 10 most common reasons boats break down, and then compiled a  The In-Line Four Yamaha outboard has a range of horsepower: 200HP, 175HP making it easy for you to step up or down in horses without having to replace  30 Mar 2017 These are prone to breaking down under-load when they are faulty or Put the boat in gear and start to go revs up to around 2000 rpm then  20 Jun 2012 The problem may involve an annoying change (up/down) of engine speed while cruising at a steady pace, a low drop (or even cut-out) at idle  [Archive] Engine Loses Power When Water Rough Boat Repairs & Maintenance. But the engine does rev up now but it takes a little fiddling with the throttle, which leads to think a fuel problem. Jan 14, 2019 · If the 400R is a bit much, you could drop down to the 115hp or 150hp four-cylinder Pro XS range, optimised for high-speed running. However, once I put it in gear I can get to a no wake speed and that is all. Forums > Catfish Talk > REPAIR HELP > Bubba's Outboards > Why does outboard motor OVER-REV(feels like cavitation but its not) the way down till i get up on plane LOL some of you guys. Share this post Link to post Honda outboard in in tickover the exhaust sould come out of the crankcase vent, but when it is reved up should come out of the prop vent. If the air that the engine requires to run is blocked, especially sporadically, it can cause the engine to slow down. I would recommend you put an additive in to help with the ethanol issues from your local pump. Connect to a garden hose, fit the muffs over the engine's water intakes on the sides of the gear case, turn the water on, start the engine, and let it run. $50. Information about Honda's response to Covid 19 23 Jan 2016 When an outboard motor has a spun hub in the propeller it can feel like you are driving a car that has a slipping clutch, and in many ways it is a  15 Jul 2017 If I try to rev it it kills on me. They are similar in price, offer similar warranties and are backed up by major global companies. What’s missing? No solid mounts, no sport master, revs a little lower, and tuned for slightly less power, still a class leading engine in this range though. Now it will throttle ok in neutral, but in gear if I increase speed above tic over, it cuts out. Winner: Evinrude. Great for aluminum fishing boats, inflatables, sailboats, or as a kicker, the 8hp and 9. 9 BigFoot outboard motor on a Garelick Hydra powered assisted outboard motor transom bracket. Dec 05, 2019 · Neither manufacturer has released precise torque figures but again, Mercury claims that between 3,500 and 4,500rpm, its V8 outboard has a 12-15% advantage. The engine’s throttle control is a lever that moves up and down with a plastic knob on the end. 5 inches, and the new Mercury Enertia props are offered in one-inch pitch increments (from 14 to 22) because its Verado outboards have a WOT rpm range of 5800 to 6400, or just 600 rpm. Aug 18, 2009 · It's a 1975 Mercury 85 hp outboard that ran great a couple yrs or so ago the last time it was ran. Jun 18, 2019 · His antique outboard collection is one of the largest on the East Coast. 5hp outboard motor on board that I have fitted with remote controls. Their Mercury dealers are the best equipped to sell and service Mercury Outboard products. Editor Hugo tests Suzuki 300hp and 350hp outboard engines on identical Brig Eagle 8s to see how they compare It’s a dilemma that almost every RIB and sportsboat owner faces; do you opt for the smaller engine and save yourself a pretty penny on the purchase price or treat yourself to the more powerful engine, […] Jan 14, 2019 · If the 400R is a bit much, you could drop down to the 115hp or 150hp four-cylinder Pro XS range, optimised for high-speed running. The last trip out motor rpms fluctuated greatly until motor warmed up and … 2009 Yamaha 50hp 2 stroke Not rated yet Hey guys, I have a 2009 alumacraft with a 2 stroke 50hp Yamaha on it. -ft. This series suits harsh conditions   bad throttle position sensor. If you are leaving it out of the water, trim it down to drain the water and protect the Power Tilt and Trim seals from the sun. at 3200 rpm. Each two-inch increment results in a WOT change of about 400 rpm up or down. Outboard Tech Prop & Rigging information across the Outboard range. The all-new four-stroke, 5. Regardless of your boat’s throttle setting, the presence of an air leak will greatly restrict its speed. I can crank it up again immediately and it will do the same thing, cranking everytime and eventually stalling out. Make sure, as with any used outboard, you run a compression test. Please stay in touch as I just ordered a thermostat mind was frozen open and the engine was not getting to operating temperature. 6L 400R, into a 400 HP Verado. Buy Reliable Suzuki Outboard Parts from Wholesale Marine Wholesale Marine has earned our solid reputation by carrying only the most trusted marine brands . Then all of a sudden it falls on its face and starts reving up and down. Jul 21, 2018 · Most of the flush for both motors is at idle but I do give it a squirt to take revs up around 2000rpm - guess it’s just piece of mind to hear the pickup is smooth rather then anything to do with flushing. Now it is possible for even a worn engine to start when not "under load", but a worn engine might prove to be troublesome if there is a greater restriction (ie water) in the exhaust system. Then took the boat out today and it was doin the same thing. Probably the best kind of bracket is the hinged variety and make sure you get a long shaft outboard so that you get get it down into the water while still having the power head at a reasonable height. “It had actually been pressed into the earth and the lower unit was the only thing sticking up,” Lincoln recalls. Have a 25-HP Johnson that runs and idles fine out of water. You can now buy anything from a Direct-Injection two-stroke to a four-stroke or electric outboard, with outputs from two to 557hp and weights from a few kilos to half a metric tonne. I had a similar thing with my new boat, turned out the Borg-Warner was very low on oil. Operating in saltwater can cause deposits to build up, causing the valves to stick open, which can over-cool the outboard and prevent it from reaching proper operating temperature. Typically, the range runs between 5000 and 5500 RPM for an outboard. Anticipate seeing Pro versions of that engine for the bass and performance market, semi solid mounts, ECUs that let it rev up a little and push the HP limits. My 4hp yamaha f4a outboard will fire up with the choke out fine, once it is running it is not very responsive with the throttle and will rev up uncontrollably and then when the choke is pushed in it will rev up uncontrollably even more so and then stall. We stock replacement drives, starters, alternators, ignitions, electrical or cooling systems, fuel pumps, carburetors, and so much more. try to go above no wake and it stalls. The boat comes off plane, and the motor continues to rev high and low, high and low, high and low, until it settles out and begins to run normally again, and the process Your outboard owner’s manual should be able to specify the range for your particular outboard. It will smoke white for a while but that will not hurt anything. Open the throttle a little more and still the same until the RPM is about 2000 and the temp drops. Quick planing means more fun for skiers and tubers. Outboard Jet Maintenance For those of you who run a outboard jet on your boat, there is some required maintenance to keep it functioning properly, and to assure that you can remove, adjust or replace needed parts if required. It will smoke for a minute as it burns out any oil left in the cylinder and then settle down and run normal. and then clean out the muddy residue, trying not to get any down the fuel vent hose. Mar 10, 2017 · How to fix Out board bogging down Tyler Roberts Clogged Carburetor Diagnosis 2007 5HP Mercury / Tohatsu Outboard Basic Maintenance BUT WONT REV UP? HAS NO POWER ? DIES? THEN YOU MUST WATCH Aug 01, 2018 · 90 Honda accord Idle surges up and down rpm when warm part 2 - Duration: 19:04. When I initially start it, it will start right up, idle fine for 2 or 3 minutes after which the revs will start to go high followed by the engine dieing out. With the new heads and re-jetted carburetors, the cranking compression increased to approximately 120 psi. No backfiring when boat is in nuetral. We have Suzuki outboard parts in stock, at competitive prices, and will ship your parts out to you, same day, at a flat rate. Aug 03, 2008 · Outboard won't exceed 2000 RPM under load. Then, if you finish getting the boat ready, and take it out; the first time you get on plane, the water will shift to the back and the engine will suck it all up and you’ll be dead in the water! Sep 26, 2017 · Ease the leg out by the correct amount and the revs increase slightly without the throttle being adjusted, therefore speed increases. When im on the water i can get it to run fine for a few minutes at open speeds. Comes with 2 fuel tanks , fish finder, radio, stereo, anchor and chain and all safety equipment, one life jacket and 8hp mercury auxiliary good stable boat only down side the 60 slips in reverse open to offers The Honda BF8 and BF9. This means that overall engine temperature is much lower than that of an air-cooled 2-cycle engine found in a chainsaw. Sep 17, 2013 · Normally, it idles at ~850rpm. This week, not so good. A 2 stroke outboard can run away just like a diesel even with rags stuffed into the carb(s) if over revved in neutral. I also decided to change out the bulb with a new OEM one. from the ground up as a purpose-built marine outboard engine. Check your owner's manual, and fuel up with what it prescribes. If there is any curve in the transom you will need to level this off with shaped wooden (or built up GRP) pads where the bracket is mounted. (Another dead end in our power search? No!) Start the engine and let the mix run completely out at about 1200 rpm. “It took me six months to get it running, but it did run. It puts much of this down to its new Transient Spark technology, which is said to boost torque by up to 7% during the critical hole shot test. (MONO) 164 It’s one thing to rev up a high-performance engine when pulling a water skier or a tube, but it’s quite another to have your pleasant evening cruise ruined by a loud engine. I think the occasional clunk was a needle roller getting hammered by a piston before being spat out the exhaust. When you pull up the button and move the lever forward the drive is fully engaged by the time the lever is 45* forward, and the engine is still at idle. SUZUKI TEAM REVS UP THE HORSEPOWER FOR THE 2018 VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW WITH THE DF350A OUTBOARD Down the center of the chair’s body and wrapping down Hi everyone. That is, just to run it at idle! Long Term Storage and Freezing Problems! If you are planning to put the boat away and leave it in storage for an extended amount of time. flint99 posted 01-27-2005 09:57 AM ET (US) Have a 25-HP Johnson that runs and idles fine out of water. The compression should be close to the same on all four cylinders and should be over 100 psi. May 13, 2012 · So last week was the first time with the boat in the water, no problems, ran great. Changes in engine sound. Boat accelerates gradually beginning at 1:35. 063) for 20-50 HP to 3/16” (. When I proped it up,it cleared up the problem. Revving the engine beyond that point produces less power, not more. But. outboard revs up and down

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